Jay Grove

AOS in Personal Training
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Jay Grove is an ACE certified Personal Trainer with an Associates Degree in Personal Training (Heritage College, Denver, CO). He completed his internship at St. Cloud State University (MN) under the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Athletics Department.  Jay has experience training a wide variety of athletes at the high school and college levels as well as the general population. In high school, Jay participated in wrestling, track, basketball, football and tae kwon do. He also enjoys soccer, volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. Jay has a special interest in advanced strength training for Strongman and Combat Sports (Wrestling, Karate, MMA and Football).

Letters from clients:

  Thank you so very much for guiding me in the Biggest Loser contest held at Princeton Health and Fitness Center. With your help and support I lost 22 pounds and 14.5 inches in 36 Days!
 What a life change.
  After seeing the Ad for the contest I searched you out to talk about what you would expect form me during the contest. I was scared and unsure if physically I could handle the contest. You went out of your way to insure me that you would work everybody at different levels according to their needs. So I joined the Health Club just to join in this contest.
 It was wonderful having a group to get to know and having meeting once a week to work with diet changes and improved weight lifting. (Yes Jay I'm still eating more green)
 You were so patient with gentle pushes through tough days when I wanted to crawl in bed or eat everything in sight.
Again, Thanks for starting me on my new future.
Pamela Frauendienst


I have been training with Jay for over a year now.  My motivation has been a diagnosis of osteoporosis as well as previous pain issues.  I have experienced a vast improvement in core strength and flexibility.  Jay is positive and knowledgeable and has geared my training to my specific concerns.  Working under his direction is comfortable, challenging and effective.

* Just a side note:  April is 67 years old and can deadlift 115 lbs and squat 110 lbs.  She is very strong, energetic and flexible for a woman 1/3 her age!