Healing Touch

Healing Touch by Christine

 Relaxing energy-based therapy

Christine is a nurse and Healing Touch Practitioner.  What is Healing Touch?  It is a scientifically-proven, energy-based therapy that uses a very light touch to open up energy channels in the body to increase and smooth out the energy flow.  When this occurs, it facilitates healing, decreases pain, helps with depression and anxiety, and promotes a sense of clarity and balance.  Works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas of self.

What happens during a session: You lay on a massage table fully clothed and just relax.

First Offer:  If you are new to Healing Touch and would like to try it out, Christine is offering a complimentary 20-minute session.

Second Offer through June:  BOGO special.  Buy a 1-hour session for $60 and get the second one free.  For yourself or you can share.

The response Christine gets from most people is, “That was very relaxing,” and a sense of feeling more balanced.

Text Christine directly at 320-496-3482 for more information or to schedule an appointment.