Kids Activities

Enroll your children in our active programs and allow them to learn about active lifestyles and healthy eating.

Help them grow up fit, healthy and able to face new challenges head on.

FitForLife Kids

Like our FitForLife adults program, this is paid group coaching and focuses heavily on the children’s learning and growth.

These are structured classes that can involve games, exercise and education on healthy lifestyles, including healthy eating.

Everything is made age appropriate so your little ones get the most out of using the club.


Childcare is included in the membership cost, so there is no need to worry. Currently, the child center opens from 4-7 PM Mon-Thu.

  • Parents must be on-site the whole time

  • Ages 1-12 allowed in the Child Care Center

  • Head to Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page for the entirety of our Child Center Rules & Policies

This is one of our next areas of big development as we try and focus on helping children become more active in free time and play.