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By using www.princetonfitness.com referred to as “the Site”, all visitors referred to as “user” or “you” are bound by these terms and conditions which govern your use of this website.  Princeton Fitness LLC, owner of www.princetonfitness.com will be referred to as “we”, “us”, “our” and “the company”.By using this Site, you accept these terms and conditions in full.   If you disagree with these terms and conditions in part or in whole, you must not use the Site.  Accessing this Site constitutes use of the Site and acceptance of these terms and conditions in full.

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Site Use

The Site may only be used for lawful purposes.  The Site may not be used for or in connection with unlawful, fraudulent or harmful activity including the copying, storing or transmitting of material that could be considered in any way malicious computer software.  Any post, comment or message sent through the Site must not be unlawful, threatening or abusive; vulgar, obscene or profane in any way; defamatory or invasive of privacy or publicity rights.  You must not encourage any action that constitutes a criminal offence or violates any law.

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Some products and/or services on the Site are only accessible after purchase.  The company reserves the right to restrict access to any area of the Site, or indeed this entire website, at its own discretion.  The company is not required to, nor does it make any claim or promise to make the Site accessible constantly or at all for any given period of time.

If you or the Site provides a user ID and/or password to enable you to access restricted areas of the Site, you must ensure that the user ID and/or password are kept confidential.  Sharing your user ID and/or password with anyone is strictly prohibited.

The company has the right to disable your user ID and password at its sole discretion without notice or explanation upon suspicion of any breach of these terms and conditions.

Online Purchasing

By clicking on a purchase button within the Site, usually identified by phrases such as “sign up”, “join” or “purchase”; by entering credit, debit or other card or billing information or by enrolling electronically or otherwise you agree to be provided with product and/or services provided by the company.

Refunds in part or in whole will not be given for products or services purchased or subscribed to online.

Your participation, correspondence or dealings of any kind with any affiliate, individual or company found on or through the Site, including but not limited to all purchase terms, conditions, representations or warranties associated with payment, refunds, and/or delivery related to your purchase, are solely between you and that merchant. We shall not be responsible and/or liable for any loss, damage, refunds, or other matters of any sort that incurred as the result of such dealings with third parties.

The company will not be held responsible and/or liable for the loss and/or damage to your personal computer due to the inclusion of malicious software.  The company uses a hosting service to prevent this situation’s occurrence.

Limitations of liability

The content of the Site is for educational and information purposes only.  None of the content contained within the Site constitutes, or is meant to constitute, advice of any kind.  If you require advice of any kind you should consult an appropriate professional.

Neither the company nor any of its employees will be liable to the user in relation to the contents of, or use of, or otherwise in connection with, the Site and its contents for any damages, losses, liabilities, settlements, costs, charges and expenses as well as actions and costs, without limitation arising from claims to and from third parties.

The user will indemnify, hold us (the company) harmless and undertake to keep us indemnified against all damages, losses, liabilities, settlements, costs, charges and expenses (including without limitation legal expenses and any amounts paid by us to a third party in settlement of a claim or dispute as advised by our legal advisers) ­ incurred or suffered by us arising out of any breach by the user of any provision of these terms and conditions, or out of any claim that you have breached any provision of these terms and conditions.

The company will be provided by you with any files, documents and proofs as well as reasonable access to you when we deem it to be necessary in legal defence.

Neither the company nor any of its employees will be liable to any party for any type of direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages for any use of or reliance on the Site or its content.  You hereby release the company from any and all claims including those related to personal or business interruptions, misapplication of information, or any other loss, condition, or issue.

By using this website, you agree that the limitations of liability set out in these terms and conditions are reasonable.  Any disagreement with them in part or in whole means you should not use this Site. 


If any provision of these terms and conditions is, or is found to be, invalid, void or unenforceable under applicable law, that will in no way affect, impair or invalidate the enforce-ability of the other provisions of these terms and conditions.  If any unlawful and/or unenforceable provision set out in these terms and conditions would become lawful or enforceable if part of it were deleted, that part will be deemed to be deleted and changed soon after the company is made aware, and the rest of the provision will continue in effect. 


Without prejudice to the company’s other rights under these terms and conditions, if you breach these terms and conditions in any way, the company may take such action as it deems appropriate to deal with the breach, including but not limited to suspending or prohibiting your access to the Site and/or bringing court proceedings against you. 

Entire agreement

These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and the company in relation to your use of the Site and its contents and supersede all previous agreements and understandings between you and the company.

These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Minnesota.

If you should have any questions about these terms and conditions, please email info@princetonfitness.com.


Membership Terms

A Membership Agreement is made between you, (the Member) and Princeton Fitness LLC (PF). In consideration of the promises herein, PF grants to the Member the right to reasonable use of PF Facilities and Member agrees to pay PF a Membership fee for the Membership Term stated on the membership agreement. The method of payment shall be as indicated on the membership agreement. For EFTs, this Agreement will automatically continue month-to-month until such time as it is terminated according to the terms herein. Use of PFs facilities is subject to PF’s discretion, especially as it relates to safety, behavior and/or ability. Such use will not be unreasonably withheld from Member. PF reserves the right to change the terms of or cancel a membership at any time & for any reason as well as the operations of the facilities including but not limited to hours of operation.

By signing, Member acknowledges that he/she is 18 years of age or older, has read and understands the Membership terms and conditions, agrees to abide by all PF rules and regulations including to clean up after him/herself in all areas and otherwise not to abuse or misuse equipment or property of PF.  Member can receive a copy of the agreement, if so requested.

 TERMINATION: A membership may be terminated by signatory at any time by providing notice to PF in person or in writing. Termination will take effect at the end of the notified month, providing such time is not in the past, if received 10 days prior to the end of that month. If notification is received after such time, payment may be taken for the next month and termination will be effective at the end of the following month.

 BILLING: Payments are due subject to the term stated on the membership agreement. Other payment methods must be agreed upon by PHF and are due on or prior to the first of the month. All EFT or credit card accounts will be assessed a fee of $30 in the case of closed accounts or insufficient funds. Other payment methods will incur a late fee of $5.00 for each monthly payment which is not paid when due. I also understand that in addition to this late charge, PHF has the right to deny the Member all rights, as stated above, during any period of delinquency of payment. A $30.00 service fee will be added to all returned checks.

 MEMBERSHIP FREEZE: Member may freeze memberships 10 days prior to payment of the next month.

Photo Release

I hereby grant permission to PHF to use photographs and/or video of me in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to the mission of PHF unless I have provided PHF written exemption.


PF urges you and all persons named on this agreement to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using the facility, any exercise equipment or participating in any exercise class. All exercises, including the use of weights and use of all machinery, equipment, pools, studios and apparatus designed for exercising shall be at the member’s sole risk. This includes the use of any part of the facility and all its activities within.

I (we) understand that the agreement to use, or selection of exercise programs, methods and types of equipment shall be my (our) entire responsibility and PF shall not be liable for any claims or demands for reasons not limited to but including injuries, damages, losses or actions arising out of or in connection to the use of the services, facilities, and premises of PF. I (we) hereby hold PF, its officers, owner, agents and employees harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by myself (ourselves) or on my (our) behalf for any such injuries or claims. Member agrees to be liable for any damages to PF facilities caused by any person named on this agreement.

Age Policy

Basketball court – must be at least 10 years old to use without adult supervision.

Cardio room - must be at least 12 years old to use with adult supervision, at least 15 to use without adult supervision.

Weight room - must be at least 12 years old to use with adult supervision, at least 15 to use without adult supervision.

Pool room – must be at least 15 years old to use pool, hot tub or sauna without adult supervision.

Childcare Rules & Policies

Our Child Center is a fun place for you to bring your children while you work out at Princeton Fitness (PF).  It is available to all PF members and guests.  There is a 2-hour limit per visit.  All children from 1 year up to and including 12 years of age are allowed in the center.  To keep the Child Center running efficiently, we ask that you observe the following rules and policies:

Minnesota State Law requires that you remain in the building while your child is in our care. 

We cannot provide care for children that you may be taking care of other than your own without.

Please take your child to the restroom before checking into the Child Center. 

Please sign your child in and write down where you will be in the fitness center.

The staff on duty in the Child Center has the right to limit the usage of designated play spaces, especially for safety reasons.  For example, they may decide not to bring the children into the gymnasium if there are too many young children or if the space is being occupied by other members.

Please do not bring snacks that could be a choking hazard (i.e. grapes).

Sippy cups or spill-proof water bottles are permitted.  Water is preferred but juice is okay if it is in a spill-proof bottle or cup.  It would be helpful to the staff on duty if bottles and cups were labeled with your child’s name, although this is not required.

Pre-mixed bottles are preferred but we will mix bottles.

Socks or shoes should be worn in the child center room. Bare feet are discouraged.  Shoes must be worn in the gymnasium.  If a child has no shoes on site, your child may have to sit out of gym activities or will need to remain in the Child Center with another staff member.

Toys from home should stay at home but pacifiers and comfort items such as blankets are permitted in the Child Center.

We do not potty train but will do our best to get your toddler to the bathroom when they need to go.  Please bring extra clothes because accidents do happen.

Parents are responsible for changing diapers.  We will come get you if your child needs to be changed.

Parents will be notified if their child has been crying for more than 15 minutes and cannot be comforted.