Personal Training

Personal Training is unique to you. Work with a trainer to implement a system that adapts with your ever-changing life.

  • Identify clear goals

  • Learn the best way for YOU to get there

  • Take that journey step by step with the support of a qualified & experienced professional

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  • American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

  • Senior Fitness Specialist

  • Flexibility Training Specialist

I believe that every person is created unique and each body is different from the next.  As a personal trainer my job is to help you attain your goals and optimal performance by creating unique workouts that fit your needs and help progress you forward.  Fitness is unique to each individual and looks different in every season of life.  I love creating programs and training anyone from performance athletes to individuals just looking to move more and move better in daily life.

My own journey started in college when I hired my own personal trainer to help with weight loss. After accomplishing more than I ever thought possible with the help of this trainer, I competed in many triathlons, overcame many different injuries, and changed my fitness program many times to adapt to all the new experiences life has brought. Now, as a certified trainer, I get to do the same for others.



  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Strength Training in Older Adults Certificate

Jay is a passionate personal trainer who made a move into the industry after working in graphic design. He found his passion helping people and for many years he has been doing just that, obtaining multiple health & exercise certificates along the way. You’ll see he is very adaptable, evident in his affinity for strongman equipment and odd objects around the gym.

His experiences include training with seniors, children and everyone in between. He’s also experienced training through recovery after surgery, so you know you will be safely kept throughout his training routines.


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